Why don't buildings have lights in them?

Scratch the power plant idea, that wasn’t very probable. But card readers do need power and hospitals also have their own power plants.

On a side note how about a mod, or a mutation that would extend the visible light spectrum of the character?

[quote=“whw4, post:19, topic:3060”]Endgame goal: Oregon Trail.

Make it to the West where supposedly civilization and power still remain.[/quote]

That’s an awesome idea.

I would be content with labs and military complexes having the “red light” emergency lights on. Bright enough for you to make out where you’re going, but not bright enough to distinguish fine details. I don’t know how indepth the light system is, but having zombies as black Zs that are unrecognizable, and perhaps the tables of items would require the player to be closer before being able to view the items… however, this could quickly turn into implementing the entire concept of stealth.

Yeah, something similar to that will probably end up going in with the stealth system. For now sight basically works on a can see/can’t see basis; either a tile is completely lit up or it’s pitch black to the eyes.