Who can help me?

Im a fan of cataclysmdda from China,
My first contact with this game is version 0.6.
The game with me for many years until today.
As a gamer,
Computer games deleted one after another,
The only thing that hasn't been deleted is CDDA.
However, the Chinese section of the official website was last maintained in 2013.
In China all CDDA lovers is very sad,
So I'm looking for a way to remaintain the Chinese section.
I mean, is there any way?
Official website account registration needs Backer Key ,
How can I get this?
My English is terrible,very terrible。。。:sob:
Thank you to everyone who has seen it. :grin:

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Lucky CDDA was spared, haha. I don’t know how to re-start the Chinese section but I’m more than happy to do my best to help you with questions, ideas, or what I can.

:v: love the Chinese people,culture, history, food, and energy :slight_smile:
What generation are you? If I can ask with no offense
And your English is very good! You have a more than passable knowledge of the language.

Thanks for your reply :grin:
I was born in the nineties,
Learning a language is difficult for me,becauseI have no talent for that. :cry:
Thanks for the Google translation~ :laughing:

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here is it what I said

I don’t know how to do that :sob:

I’m not a mind reader but somehow from your writing I had a feeling you were young, hahaha.
I have studied Russian and practiced the Romanized spelling and the pronunciation of Chinese(Cities, provinces, names, common sayings and insults) . I can say while hard to remember Chinese it does flow easy from the tongue when you get it right. Like playing a piano piece. But it is hard! So this is how I think, I learned one language. I can certainly learn another. I didn’t start reading and writing right out of the womb! lol
I googled ‘CDDA backer key’ but didn’t find anything about what it might be. If I’m to guess it sounds like a key a Patreon backer or the like would be given for donating. I can’t find anything that explains it though. Sorry :confused: