Vehical battery recharge

ok so a while back when i just got this game i recall reading you can charge a car battery by using a bike and a alternator. till recently when i in a save while i am working on a base underground in a office building (using the crashed car thank you lab start getting me motion power generator and integrated tool kit and a crap ton of power storage) but the car in side had no charged batterys and i had non on had the only replacements had no power. so does the bike system work and do i have to actually move?

There needs to be foot pedals and an alternator on the tile you’re sitting on for the bike. Actual movement doesn’t matter. The alternator on the car engine only works while the car is running.

thanks first time i have run in to that problem

No problem. Glad I could help.

yeah still ended up moving said battery system to a moving bike upstairs any way as a might as well
but when i get extra i can still use the “power bike” as a ended up calling it for you that fact its ment to be for power