Trouble with vehicle inertial driving (letting go of controls) (git 618a3be79e)

My setup is the following: a 2x1 tile dirt motorbike which I use as a mobile archery platform. I approach a zombie, and when it starts to follow me, I set the speed to -6, press ‘.’ to apply it and then let go of controls. Then I have about 5-10 ticks worth of -6 speed, after which the speed drops to -1 and I have to take over controls again, else the zombie will get me.

However, when I press ‘.’ once, the vehicle moves several tiles instead of just one (at set speed 6km/h), as if it was trying to “catch up”.

My viewport also got pushed ahead, so now I can only see myself and my vehicle. I have to scroll back to aim/see what is going on.

options - interface - auto-shift the view while driving

That’s not the issue, as the view remains shifted after I let go of controls. And it’s shifted much farther than it’d normally be at 6km/h.

i mean, I assume your current issue is that you want the vehicle to continue on its path at the same speed, but thats not what happens when you let go of the controls: when you’re on the vehicle, its going a specific speed because you’re keeping it that way, (think foot on the gas pedal) but when you let go, your no longer accelerating at the same speed, you’re idling, meaning inertia will then bring the car to a stop as if it was at 0, and cars in cata stop pretty fast, breaks or no breaks.

one assumes this particular problem will be fixed in the future when mlangsdorf does more with cars.

inertia keeps the car moving at it’s safe speed, but air drag and rolling resistance slow it down.

Not sure that things are working as intended here, but not sure how much time I’m going to devote to fixing a minor bug like this either.

I guess it is working as intended. However, I’d like an option for the vehicle to maintain speed, perhaps by an addon part. Then the ^ menu would have another option “Let go of controls but set vehicle to maintain its speed”.

There us cruise control - enable it.

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Cruise control is disabled when you let go of the controls.

When I let go of controls, the control vehicle menu still gives me the option to disable cruise control. Disabling it seems to have no visible effect other than the km/h meters disappearing.

another question is… do you -have- to let go of the controls? you can (f)ire a gun from the seat and driving as long as you have it wielded beforehand, i just tested it doin a driveby of the target in my base and it works just fine, you can even reload while still cruisin.

It’s not a gun, it’s a bow. Bows require two hands to use.

I’m using a SCAR-H, its two handed.

… i can test it with a bow if you’d like?

Edit: alright so specifically bows wont work if you’re holding onto the controls. crossbow works just fine though.

It might, but a crossbow takes an eternity to reload. Well, unless one kept 20 loaded crossbows in a cargo hold…

spears would probably also work.

i realized with bows its the ‘FIRE_TWOHAND’ flag that disallows it being used from a seated position… but its entirely possible to still be ‘driving the car’ by just not having your hands on the wheel

To be exact: the problem here is not that bows are two-handed, the problem is that there is no way to tell the vehicle to “keep going”. That is, “let go of the steering wheel to use a bow but keep your foot pressed on the pedal”

i know! i’m just suggesting alternatives, cause its been noted that it’ll eventually be fixed, but until then y’gotta do what you can do.

Someone who cared about this would be welcome to submit code with a fix, but I don’t care enough to test and debug a solution.

I’m happy to test it.

Anyway, I tried slings and oh boy… bows suck. For 22 minutes of fiber twisting you get a one-handed weapon with twice the range and twice the firepower (11-14 damage per rock) than survival bow, with ammo that can be picked up instead of having to craft it.

EDIT: It’s actually three times the damage.

congrats, now slings will be nerfed into ground