Trash dig-in w/o making whole clear tile under ground

Is there any way to dig-in trash w/o making -1 lvl hole ?
Like… add new function to showels - digh-in items (from selected tile/under yourself tile)

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “dig-in”. Do you mean bury (put something in a hole and fill in the hole over it)?

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Sorry for my bad english

No problem. I figured this might not be your first language, so I thought I’m make sure of what you meant.

I just tried digging a pit, tossing in some rotten mugwort I had lying around, and filling it in. I end up with the mugwort on top of the ground. So that doesn’t work.

Incidentally, it appear that you can dig a pit, getting various rocks, pebbles, soil, clay, etc, then fill it in, then dig at the same spot, get more stuff, fill it in again, and so on, resulting in an infinite amount of stuff coming out of the same spot of ground.

But you can’t seem to put stuff into the ground. Or at least I can’t figure out how to do so.

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You can put stuff into a coffin and burry that coffin (which should destroy it (probably) and its content), if I remember correctly.

Do lava rifts still exist in the game? I haven’t found one in ages. If they do exist, they can also be used as a trash can.

But yeah, I can see the use for such a “trash pit”.

idk what those “lava rifts” are but you can usually find some lava in lower levels of mines. Maybe some mods add lava on surface but I’ve never seen it.

Nope, no mods. There used to be just “a slice” of lava on the surface (years ago). And they were relatively common, so I guess they are completely gone now.
It’s possible that some mod adds it back in, I don’t know of any, though.

Edit: Here’s a picture of the surface lava “slice” (a screenshot from steam user Grendalin)

In experimental 10.406 found them near portals and in subway. Two in a single game.
They still around, just not common.

Ah, alright then. Guess I just got really… uhm… “unlucky”?

About the “getting rid of items”: I just remembered, you can drive over items which usally destroys them (with a heavy enough car). Thats a very efficient way to get rid of stuff.

I was actually going to test if it’s still possible to pack stuff into a vehicle and then sink it into a river/lake, as this used to destroy it and its content, if I remember right. But yeah, driving over is easier.

You can also burn most non-metal stuff.

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