Training, Workouts. (Long term goal)

The idea

So, a long-term goal should be that your character would be able to work out.

Either bodyweight, (eg. push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, etc.), find items like dumbbels, barbells, jump rope, etc.,
and as a late-game goal achieve some kind of bonuses.

Say, after a period of time working out, (say, 60 days), your character might beef up and be more resistant to damage (eg. something like “Tough” trait), have more melee damage or even gain a skillpoint in strength/dexterity (depending on type of training), so it would be worthwhile to do so.

If your character does cardio (like jump rope), after a longer while he could gain something like “Quick”, or “Fleet footed” traits.

How it works, balancing

So your character can do basic things anywhere. (Push-Ups, Crunches, etc., it doesn’t have to be specific). Finding pull-up bars in children playgrounds, schools, etc., allows also training. (It might give slight bonuses to training)

Basic training could be accessible through the “How long to wait?” screen (Just select - Train. [press 5 to stop]). So your character would start training, for, let’s say 30 minutes.

After it’s done, your character gets a ‘sore’ attribute and a penalty to movement speed/strength/dexterity, some kind of a penalty. Also during the training you get a bit more thirsty.

You MAY NOT train if your character is tired, bitten, or, say, pain over 20, or with a very low morale.

It should be so that you can’t train for 30-?? minutes, move on with your day, have no penalties, and gain free buffs in the long run. It should be with some kind of penalties, so it might really suck while your at it, but the benefits might be worth it.

So the game keeps hidden numbers (like with addiction, ilness), to how “Fit” you are. If you keep training, it raises. If it passes some kind of a mark, you may gain a attribute like “Fit” (Say, a nerfed “Quick” trait), “Strong”, etc., If you haven’t trained for a while, it starts to steadily decrease. If it falls below some threshold, you lose points. - The given bonuses SHOULD NOT surpass traits

Things that would work great together with this

  1. Traits like “Robust Genetics” could give a slight bonus modifier to training, for obvious reasons. Other traits might affect it as well.

  2. Things like sports drinks, protein shakes, etc., could reduce the “Sore” attribute time, maybe give very minimal bonus modifiers to training.

  3. If you pick a profession like “Army recruit”, “Soldier”, or something related, it might give you access to “Military training”, through the training screen, which might give you slightly faster training, with more penalties. [Reading a book might unlock this as well]

  4. You may gain injuries

I think it wouldn’t bee too hard for someone to implement, as the idea and variables around it seem quite simple.

This is just a base draft, there’s a lot of room for improvement. What do you guys think?

Instead of traits, how about effects?

Things You Have:
Eyes, Mouth, Head, Torso, Hands, Arms, Legs, Feet
Health Status(HP), Mutations, Speed, Skills, Traits, Volume and Weight Limits

Things You Don’t Have
Weight, Height
Metabolic Rate


The last thing you want to do is to add content that’s already coded in; if you work out or you know someone who does, you’ll know the strain of pushing if you’re feeling sore. Also, increasing morale and immune system buffs/penalties are already in, so there’s a significant ammount of code to change the last missing thing, as it should govern changes to weight.
After you’ve made sure weight and metabolism aren’t buggy, you need to look into mutations and mechanisms that form that particular bubble around the player character. The next thing viable to look into are relations; you have four stats, six bodyparts, a set of skills that depend on them, and you’ve introduced a health increase combined with a particular, minimalistic mutation. If that part is not underachieving you may change weight and speed, and find a way to change the speed bonus with the “mutation” with weight increase in mind.
When (and if) the Metabolic Rate system defines the mutation as a whole (this could be a trait, because it’s beyond temporary change) you can reset your character to a “stand-by” diet that allows him to retain that mutation. If you want it to be realistic, this kind of “complete” mutation must have a system that informs the player about these changes, and it should be expanded if you’ve sustained a significant injury so there’s a “fallback” to default values due to inactivity.
Made simple, one must break his balls in order to increase Strength and Dexterity through stamina improvement.