Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

With the mythical martial arts styles, is there a way to get Ki strike without taking it at chargen?

I found a MMA book that was about storms or whatever, I might try it out later. But it raised the question of whether or not it can be learned, as, as it stands my martial arts damage leaves some to be desired.

Even with 22-33 in all my stats I manage to do 88-ish damage on crits, with 11 melee and 8 unarmed.

Of course I’ll get to 11 but the damage with the vanilla MA styles are not as great as a wide swing Lucerne hammer or run through with a pike.

I believe you can debug it in under the mutate menu.

Since when plutonium generators yield an actual plutonium instead of plutonium fuel cells?

Special attack ‘EAT_FOOD’. What does it mean? I have seen that a bear has this ability

My character actually has “Special attack ‘EAT_FOOD’”, when he gets near any kind of chocolate. It causes some weight gain issues, but then the calorie system we all deal with needs improvement.

Oh wait, thats me in real life, not the game. Sorry I don’t know.


If a monster with EAT_FOOD stumbles upon your stash of food they will help themselves to a snack. They don’t deliberately seek tiles with food yet.

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That’s no fun.
No reward, no satisfaction. If I was OK on doing that I’d just debug it.

This is probably going to sound kind of weird or dumb, but is there a way to eat with silverwear? Like, can I activate a plate to set it on a table and then eat stuff beyond pretending? Just thought that’d give eating more dimension or something lol

Having the rigid tablemanners trait gives a morale buff if you eat with a table if I remember correctly, but I don’t know if you need a plate, etc.

unless something changed, no you dont need any kind of plates or silverware

Does the archery “overhaul” affects only the arrows or the archery skill?, since the slingshot uses pebbles as ammunition

So found a canoe in basement. Can’t haul it up. Any idea how to get it up without disassembling em?

Unless it is foldable, and I very much doubt so, there’s no way to do it in-game.

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Yeah I had same question a while ago seems a bit silly to have them spawn with no way to get them out…well no realistic way IRL ya would just drag it up but in game suppose you will need to dissasemble it ETC.

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It shouldn’t be long before you can do that in experimental. Vehicle z-level transitions are working, and there are ramps now, thanks to mlangsdorf’s new bridge code.

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Oh yeah. The ramps were so cool. Oh and having climb the roofs really helps too.

Spiked cube of forbidden horror, any idea what does it do? I wanna know cause I don’t wanna let my character die after all that Amigra-sht trouble lmao.

Also wanna know if this string of code or is it gibberish? If it’s a code, any idea what it is?

I never saw Amigara Horrors in-game but I heard they are the most dangerous monster there is, even deadlier than shoggoths. So you probably should find some lava and throw the cube into it. Just to be sure.

e: on account of what it does, you can open artifacts.gsav in your world folder and look for activation, passive and wielded effects. Links to effect lists can be found here.

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Not really that deadly tbh. Honestly more concerned about skelejuggs than them.

As for the cube… I usually wear a hazmat suit and fire-resistant gear before activation, or ANBC, and make sure to activate on full health in an open field. Sometimes artifacts are the best one could ask for, other times they’re pandora’s box.

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Almost lost an arm from them anyways lol. But thank you to the both of you. Really the first time I encountered them, not like I usually go to mines. The other one on the mines were the humansnails or whatever they are, although I didn’t push through em.

I think the Amigara Horror’s difficulty depends a lot on whether or not you have a way to block their stun effect. Getting stunlocked is nasty at almost any point in the game, but if they can’t do that, they’re just regular monsters and a mid-game survivor should be able to handle them.

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