Thoughts about insanity messages and some random ideas

So, in my last run I was roleplaying a drunk hobo, running around like a madman with my hands shaking searching a drink.

One of the tipical messages of insanity is "Of course, is all fractals!"
Is hard for a guy with base int of 8 and with a terrible alcohol withdrawal (reducing even more his int) to think about fractals. Instead, is really cool for the doctor in search for an answer to the cataclysm with base int of 11.

Having different messages regarding insanity effects depending of your int. Is only a question of esthetic, but damn it can be cool.

Also, I really love some messages like the “What was that!?”. Could be cool to have some of them absolutely random at night, or when some “?” appears in a calm place.

Also, new trait: Psychopath: Killing things gives you morale. Maniac and loud laugh when you score critical hits, or drive over monsters (For example). For balancing it a bit, not killing mobs gives you a moral penalty after some time.
New action: Shout: You scream at the top of your lungs: (For attracting zombies, or after cutting open a brute with a chainsaw, why not?) Some flavour to this action could be different shouts:

Why is this happening!? (Depressed)
This is not real! (Hallucinating)
I want a fucking drink! (Alcohol withdrawal)

This game has a lot of potential to be scary! It needs creepy descriptions of the monsters, and unnerving details both in gameplay and narrative. Just this can print a dark feeling to the game…

(Apologize my english :P)

Can you also black out from screaming too much? xD

You take on a entire horde of special zombies, and finish the last one off by smashing it’s skull in with a chainsaw. You had better bloody shout like a maniac.

I’m all for running around screaming like a madman, along with changes to the insanity messages. And on the “What was that?” message, possibly a Paranoid trait that makes it more difficult to interact with NPCs, and your character will freak out at unidentified sounds?