This game needs graphical tiles

unless some one can tell me where to find them please?

I’m just going to jump in and say - no, it doesn’t. Even for an ASCII game it looks pretty damn gorgeous, imo.

Graphical tiles spoil the game experience.

I’m not opposed to adding tiles, but the engine doesn’t support them at the moment, and even if it did we’d need someone to actually draw the tiles.

I looked into this myself. Something changed, and I am not sure what it was, but apparently they use to work, and now they don’t. You have to compile the whole game again.

I understand where you are coming from because some of us are either color blind, or playing on windows, and from what I could tell, windows doesnt seem to display color very well, making things look the same (Houses and grocery store on map for example)

I am actually working on making the game have more visibility with ASCII though. So maybe check that out?

I definitely made the walls better to see (In my opinion) using an inverted graphic. And windows (IMO)

Although this is one of the best looking ASCII games around due to it being very colourful (not just a grey dungeon), I forever hold the ASCII v Tiles argument like this: you are a melee only char. , in tiles it’s impossible to know what it is until you examine it/stand on it or whatever, whereas with a tile you can immediately see if it’s a gun/axe/whatever.

It just makes it much easier to navigate the game world if everything is pictorial (even if drawn badly) and leads to a more fluid gaming experience than having to check what each thing is - I also agree that on windows a lot of the colours look the same!

However, I’d much rather the dev’s focus on something more important to the actual game-play rather than get hooked up on this, as I know it’s supposed to be a difficult thing to do.

I hate it when murderous NPCs throw Molotov cocktails into my wooden fortress.

Relevant how? Getting back on topic I think tiles are fine but I personally would prefer more content rather than tiles.

At first i wanted tiles before i would even attempt playing this game, now i actually enjoy the graphics, (Playing the dos version of x com helped considerably) as most games now a days focus too much on graphics (Cough cough Bethesda cough) and not on depth, once you memorize the graphics then you can explore rather effectively, tile sets are nice, but i want mastered content first, having to rewrite all the code to work with the tiles every time they update the game will slow down development drastically.

Hallelujah, a noob has been saved. (kidding about the noob part, but the sentiment towards ‘needs graphics’ noobs remains.)

Oh praise the RNG gods! And let it rain shrimp and wolf corpses from the sky! On this most glorious day, a noob has been saved! The noob has broken the bonds of needing graphics and is now focused on gameplay. Hallelujah! He has been saved. Hallelujah! And let us pray that we are able to save more noobs. Hallelujah! So brothers! So sisters! Rise from your seats and shout to the skies Hallelujah!

Bethesda was OK will fallout, but Obsidian cough cough minecraft cough cough fucked up new Vegas with sucky cowboy shit. I have wet dreams about Fallouts 1,2, & 3. New Vegas is a nightmare, just stupid faction side quests.