The _WIN32_WINNT value does not match NTDDI_VERSION

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying to compile the CDDA sources but I keep running into the same problem. Building with ‘make’ didn’t give me a specific source, but building with codeblocks gave me this snippet:

#  ifdef _WIN32_WINNT
#      error The _WIN32_WINNT value does not match NTDDI_VERSION
#    endif
#  else
#    ifndef WINVER
#      define WINVER _WIN32_WINNT
#    endif
#  endif

Which is located in \mingw\include\sdkddkver.h (presumably some compiler libraray?).
Googling the problem yielded 2 pages with only 2 good results, both of which don’t solve the problem. I’m at a loss, so I thought about asking here. First of all I’d like to know how to solve this problem. Second, I’d like to know what this check is actually doing, if that’s possible?

I thought about asking here before going to stack overflow, since I’m having the problem when compiling CDDA. I’m not sure if the 2 are really related though.

What version of MinGW are you using?

version 20130072300. That’s the version the installer GUI shows for mingw-developer-toolkit. The g++ version is 4.8.1-4

I think the game requires 4.9 minimum now.

I thought something weird was happening. I can’t mark the g++ for update. I already installed a fresh toolchain with msys2 but I can’t seem to make codeblocks use the right one. I’m looking into that now.

Looks like the mingw distro from their site only comes with 4.8.1-4; I found the answer here: