The Ultimate List Of Famous Character Builds

Greetings forum dwellers,

The aim of this thread is simple: list survivor builds of famous story/movie/comic book/history/etc characters

The Rules:

  1. You must use the default 6 point and 12 point trait limit
  2. You may not take a negative trait for the sake of points, you can do so only if the character actually has that characteristic (or close enough to it)
  3. You can not take a positive trait unless, again, your character actually has it
  4. You may not take the survivor job unless your character is actually a generic survivor (someone from an actual zombaclypse flick/story) or if none of the other jobs fit
  5. Since points might be a little tight for some characters, use your best judgement to determine what characteristics are most important (skills vs. traits vs. stats)
  6. Have fun with it, but please don’t use characters that are too obscure, its no fun if no-one recognizes your build
  7. You may also include a character-specific objective

I’ll start:

Character: Miyamoto Musashi (Based off of ‘Vagabond’, because its more colorful then history)

Job: Blackbelt (Closest thing to “Samurai”)
Traits: Fast Healer, Fast Metabolism, Weak Stomach, Slow Runner, Lightweight, Strong Scent, Bad Knees
Stats: Str-12 Dex-8 Int-6 Per-9
Skills: Cutting Wep-2, Dodge-8, Melee-8, Unarmed-8
Objective: Find a katana, find Samurai armor and hakata, kill 100 zombies in one sitting singlehandedly

You’d need a bokken for Miyamoto Musashi. And he’s worth a hell of a lot more points than that in GURPS Martial Arts.

So yeah. I’m not sold on those rules, sorry.

@KA101 So what rules would you change/modify? Obviously I don’t want the character to be too easy to play, just to capture the essence of character in question.

If they’re good enough to be a famous/legendary character in their story, chances are they’re worth at least 12 starting char points, maybe 15-20 points in -vantages. Other than that, meh.

Dunno about needing extra points, I have made several of my longest lived characters under the default settings.

I have my Ann hayle build:

Str 6
Dex 14
Int 8
Per 14

Good traits: Quick, fast healer, parkour expert
Bad traits: Lightweight, sleepy, Addictive personality, thin skinned, and flimsy.
Profession is student.

Objective is to find firearms as soon as possible make a shelter somewhere in a city and attract hordes. I suggest large cities for extra hard mode.

So you are min maxed for being a ranged fighter that will get absolutely wrecked in melee combat. Start game can be pretty hard.

Who is Ann Hayle? And thank you KA101 for clarifying, although as John stated, I believe additional points are not absolutely necessary.

The survivor I draw occasionally.

But I noticed that you meant real people. facepalm

The survivor I draw occasionally.

But I noticed that you meant real people. facepalm[/quote]

Last seen trapped on a (Nether?) Penrose Triangle… D:

Put the name of character in spoiler, so if someone else check the stats and still have no idea of the character maybe you put some wrong stats/skills/traits.