The danger of storing things in furniture

I was reading chemistry textbook while enjoying the sax I played. A zombie appeared on the door, and then walked over the sink to me. There was harvested oat on the sink. I threw 2 javelins and killed the zombie, but all oat was destroyed!

Then I remembered that projectile damages item in furniture. Another reason not to build or use furniture!

Was the sink still intact though?

Gotta aim your javelins better bro

The sink is intact. It is a feature, and was discussed in the past.

The javelin went through the zombie and every grain of oat!

In that case you don’t need to aim better, you need to aim worse!

To become a true Roman you must split a hundred grains of oat with a single javelin.

Achievement unlocked: Legionaire!

I recently played Hoplite, a fun roguelite.

Then I began throwing javelin and wearing metal arm guards. It is actually working well. ~50 damage is common.