Tanking performance in 0-D

so i just recently downloaded the latest stable build (0-Danny, fancy name there :smile: ) and i found something about the performance of the game.

when i found some plantation farm not too far from my spawn point, i headed out immediately and right when my character goes near the plantation, the game start to hangs (loading) for around 20 seconds, when the hang stop, i move my character for around 4-5 tiles only to get hang again for around 21 second… i don’t know what happen there but it seems like the game is loading something that makes it hang like that.

or maybe the world i used to play from version 8550 (0-C experimental) just need to be deleted.
is it an issue?

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Do you have Z levels on?

nope… just usual world…

Can you upload a save?

mods i used for the world

World option

there you go…

I started getting it too. it’s just in a 4 house town with 2 npc’s and a singular basement. But ya it’s tanking super hard since the Faulty CBM update.

There are two related GitHub issues;

yup… NPC loading seems tanked… 22 seconds load for hostile NPC.