Switch Language Issues (Ubuntu 14.04 & 0.C)

I’ve been trying to switch the language. My system settings are in English, but I would like to practice other languages while playing this game.

I’ve entered the settings and switched the language to the appropriate one (Deutsch in this case).
I’ve saved the settings, restarted the computer, and relaunched the game.

MOTD is displayed in German, so that works. The credits do as well. In the title menu, those are the only options that display in German.
The options menu reads “Deutsch” as my language option, and my Config file says it registers deutsch as well.

When I launch a saved game, it is in English.
When I create a new character in the same world, it is in English.
When I create a new world, it is in English.
When I reset the world, it is in English.
When I delete all of the lang.po files except de.po and then recompile the program, it is in English.
When I rename de.po to cataclysm-dda.pot, it is in English.

I would appreciate help. I followed the instructions to compile in correctly, according to the wiki (with git & make, and where I have to compile it myself). I have little technical skills, but it seems like if MOTD and the Credits are displaying German–and the Config file reads “de” too–then in some capacity the German is either being overridden by the English, or is not being accessed to translate in the first place.

As you have compiled it yourself, you need to run [tt]make localization[/tt] afterwards to use the translation. Also, the translation is loaded from [tt]lang/mo[/tt], not [tt]lan/po[/tt], but you shouldn’t fiddle with those anyway, [tt]make localization[/tt] should set this up.


Thank you. That was very simple and direct.

Time to figure this game out all over again!