It seems that suppressors don’t work with and rifle, SMG or pistol. It just says "You can’t use that suppressor with that insert gun and caliber Assuming that those numbers are called it’s caliber

I’ve also noticed this, and it’s not just suppressors either. I’ve noticed this happening on spare magazines and extended magazines as well.

It makes ranged combat with firearms in towns and cities suicide.

Are you using 7.1?

I think you’ve mistaken “supressor” for “PCP”. That does NOT add well.

No, just Suppressors.

Are you using 7.1?

no, I don’t think I am. was this a bug that was fixed in a later version? I’m looking at the header on the top of the cataclysm window and it says 0.6git, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Yeah, it sas 0.6 but its really 7.0 or something. Make sure you dl from the main page, aka