Suggestions regarding the future of hordes

With hordes v2 being as I understand under development I believe there is massive potential to make mid to late game much more interesting. I have a few suggestions on how the biggest of such hordes could work.

Firstly an increase over time to the danger such hordes would bring about I imagine would keep them from further increasing early game difficulty which with static spawns enabled is at a reasonable level as it is while adding a mechanic that would make characters that survive the initial difficulty curve less invincible and more fun to play. Making bigger and bigger hordes appear as the game progresses would bring about a some tactical decisions for the player to make, namely whenever to live on the run or stay put and dig in.

The hordes could destroy or damage terrain they travel through, this would make them both a danger as they would further world decay and a reason for the survivor to stay and defend their base instead of running and leaving it to be destroyed. This would also give so much more reason for the existence of traps and fortification building than currently there is.
Implementation of methods of spotting the horde early would make staying stationary more feasible. For example by using the currently quite useless radio shacks to attach cameras or a radar at the top of the radio tower alongside a transmitter would give the survivor the ability to be informed whenever a horde is approaching and if one is prepare for its arrival.
Constructing such systems for a horde spotting in a perimeter around the survivors base would be important as to prevent being surprised by overwhelming zombie force and would provide the base building and deciding where to establish one with more strategic depth.
The event of fighting against such a great horde itself would be a great way to spice things up give the later game player a challenge.

Right now there is little reason for a player to use a stationary base rather than a mobile one. However with advance crafting requiring a stationary set up like metallurgy stations or chemistry labs which already are somewhat implemented in the game would make having a base or hideout as well as defending one more important as it provides high level items through crafting. In addition using a vehicle with hordes roaming around would mean having a purely mobile base would pose more danger.

For example horde could come across the survivor sleeping in his car and trap him inside with sheer magnitude of z’s around it. One could also simply drive into one by accident. To provide more danger to a mobile base I suggest hordes contain some type of zombies dangerous both against fortifications and vehicles. This making escape more of a big deal than just ramming through all the mobs to get out.
Plus the larger more durable vehicles with bigger engines would mean the noise would attract the horde making it more of a problem getting away. Quieter engines would mean on the other hand not enough power to support a very durable mobile base able to withstand punching through one of such hordes.

As with a mobile base out in the field there would be no readily set up horde spotting system making it more of a risk that one would show up unannounced. This could produce a bigger sense of danger and being constantly on the run when using a mobile base rather than how it is right now.
This sense of danger with no early warning would also making a stationary well defended base more and more of a tempting concept.
Lastly if spawn control on such hordes could be made as to only allow a few hordes per certain area it would save the defending from a giant horde from being a run of the mill every day event. A certain amount of major hordes spawning per certain amount of time would also mean actually defeating one would bring some peace and quiet from such a major danger for the survivor for at least some time afterwards. This making it an event to fear but also look forward to rather than just a bother.

Hopefully at least some of these suggestions are possible to implement and somewhat interesting. I’ve played cataclysm periodically for many years and always thought a proper implementation of hordes would be a perfect remedy for some of the core problems of the late game. Loving that they are now actually being worked on.
Would appreciate for anyone to post input and/or possible further ideas.