Strength requirement for high-end bows: bug or not?

My character has 8 STR. According to descripition of reflex recurve bow, for example, it requires 12 STR to handle. But I crafted it and then used it - and it fired perfectly without any flaws. Is this ignoring of STR requirement a bug or I don’t understand something?

The heaviest draw weight I can find for a Recurve bow is 60lb.

No clue what it would amount to in STR, but it also said something about the draw weight mostly effecting beginners aim, so it might depend on your skill.

You do more damage with a higher strength.

Having less than the required strength causes you to load and fire a bit slower, as well as limiting your maximum range.

You can still use them with less than optimal strength, just not at 100% efficiency.

That was my initial thought on this matter. Ingame description is somewhat confusing. I would like to see the effect of STR on efficency of using bows somewhere in UI.

Great, thanks a lot!