Strange text troubles

I’ve not played CDDA for a while. After git pull I’ve compile it and try to play.
There are some strange additional symbols start to appear even on main menu and in the game itself. There are on all of my computers, so it’s not a problem on particular system.
I use ASCII mode, commit 4795a1e37adbd75f683ad7391e7060e4a6fda6a8 (current for 21.07.2020)

Simple way to produce:
Select “New game”. And here we are:

  Allows you to fully customize points pool, scenario, and character's profession, stats, traits, skills and otheM

All these “-b~@M-&” are throughout the UI. No chance to play the game.

After play now following message appears:

An error has occurred! Written below is the error report:

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//dda/…/…/json/mapgen_palettes/house_general_palette.json: line 73:13: duplicate entry in json object

  "M-C~X": "f_pinball_machine",
  "M-C~F": "f_arcade_machine",
  "M-b~IM- ": "f_chest",
  "M-JM--": "f_ladder"

Try using a different terminal (or change terminal settings in existing terminal) - it looks like there is an issue with Unicode characters.

It is also possible that invalid library is used during compiling/linking/in runtime - you need to use libncursesw with wide character support.

As for duplicate mapgen palette entry error - it would be resolved soon.

I’ve compiled with cmake. it seems that current CMakeModules/FindCurses.cmake is not using CURSES_NEED_WIDE.
There is an example how to use it:

If your compiling with CMake - there is a known issue.

Ok, I’ve compile it with gcc. But there is another problem – there are letters ‘q’ and ‘x’ instead of window frames.