Some time based crafting where the items are left on the ground to pickup later

Would anyone like to see some crafting recipes require to keep the items in place and take time while they craft, allowing the player to do other things while their food cooks or their wood burns into charcoal?

I realise that the latest experimental builds have ways of fermenting alcohols in your inventory (or at least in certian barrels) but as far as I know they use constructions (items and tiles built with the “*” key) so there is some level of script involved.

Anyone who has played Unreal World (free to play Rogue like free roam wilderness survival with some INCREDIBLE crafting and game mechanics, seriously check it out :slight_smile: lol) will know of the way the cooking for example works in that game, you build a fire then “craft” a cooked meat but unlike Cataclysm the raw item is dropped next to the fire, and for the next 30mins to an hour (game time of course) the food cooks. Come back too late and the food burns :slight_smile:

Having a time based crafting option that requires the item(s) to be left in place to craft over time would unlock so many options.

The ability to recharge batteries with a portable/permanent solar cell set-up for one, (even if it takes 6 hours to charge one battery to maintain a balance)

Items will be able to undergo change over time or breakdown to change form, for example…some food, drink and other organic matter left buried in the ground would make a compost heap.

"Semi-permanent constructions that even have a none-specific result or even a steady progression towards “finished” such as A large plastic tarp over a pit of water left in the sun will (very) slowly accumulate fresh (distilled) water as it evaporates, condenses on the tarp and then runs into a container at the tarps lowest point. This takes days in real life to get one cup of water, but at ANY point IRL you can go in and drink what you have. This type of “progressive accumulation” is JUST like the way funnels and containers work, where the container slowly fills. (Bad example because it already exists, but I hope you catch my drift)

These are just 3 that I thought of as I typed this, there are sure to be 100’s of practical uses for a time orientated crafting system :slight_smile:

Having not-constant-attention, or at least parallel (like, if you have several sets of cooking implements - you can do several food recipes at once, or shorten batch making times) crafting would’ve been nice.

Reminds me of UnrealWorld’s crafting system. It sounds really nice for Cata. Maybe there could be the possibility of burning your food if left too long, the stuff giving off a smell that attracts bears/zombies/their ungodly children.

I like it.

One issue to note is that time only passes on a few map tiles at a time (namely all those around where you are).

I’m all for it, but its important to remember that ever present limitation.

[quote=“Daidalon, post:5, topic:7382”]One issue to note is that time only passes on a few map tiles at a time (namely all those around where you are).

I’m all for it, but its important to remember that ever present limitation.[/quote]
Everything else compares present time with current time when loaded to determine what state they should be in, so aside from bugs it shouldn’t be a problem.
And AFAIR some things (namely, farmplants) even REQUIRE this comparsion, unless it was fixed, or they won’t grow altogether.