So this was my last Ditch Effort

Was about to delete my persistent world and get the new git version.

When i spawned the character Ditch, and did a gauntlet run into town.

After some dipping and diving, some rolling, and smokin`.
I happen to score a broadsword at the P-shop… Niggah!

So i headed out to a farm, and found a nice quiet place to skill up some bushcraft.
Never had such restful nights of sleep, and plenty of ants to eat.

So, with a new found love for spears, knife spear in particular, i pierced my way into a nice horde of lewwwt.

And now, i find myself doing 40-80 damage per knife spear on any poor zed that happens infront of me.

So moral of this story? Knife spears/throwing is wayyyy fuckin` OP.

Also, crafting cross bolts for mechanic skills, is way way way too easy.