Sniper / Marksman mutation tree?

I’m finally getting to the point where I’m considering going mutant, and while I was originally planning to slowly phase out guns in favor of melee at this point in the game, it really doesn’t seems viable or particularly fun.

What mutation tree(s) should I go for, and are there any worth going post thresh on? I am playing with a lot of mods, so if anyone knows of good modded mutations, I probably have them available.

I mean plant is pretty okay if you like sleeping outside in the sun and only playing at night.

The finger mounted laser is okay as a replacement for guns if you have a high enough power storage/ Fusion Blaster rifle is also good if you’re looking to wipe out hordes with huge amounts of Splash damage.

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It incrases your perception by 11 (7 by insanely perceptive,4 by avian eyes),every shot is headshot!
No dexterity penalty,just mobility and perception
But beware of melee;since you are so fraigle,but you are fast so you cant die easyly

If you want a less risk/reward,use elf

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Bird, elf, and plant, in order of helpfulness. Thanks!