Side effects of min-maxing stats

  • Animal Discord
  • Hates Books
  • Heavy Sleeper
  • High Thirst
  • Poor Healer
  • Poor Hearing
  • Slow Reader

There, 12 points of “negative” traits that have barely any impact on actual performance.


  • Poor Healer
  • Pyromaniac + Slow Healer

For even more broken combo that actually has no noticeable negative impact on the gameplay.

Now for the “maxing” part:

  • Fleet-Footed
  • Parkour Expert
  • Quick

for speed domination.

  • Robust Genetics

For late-game shenanigans with mutations.

  • Night Vision

if you don’t start with night-vision bionics

  • Gourmand

if you DO start with night-vision bionics. Gourmand is great, you can get easy extra +1/+2 to intellect with it (for bionic installation, etc) just by eating something tasty. Or you can live by eating nothing but cattails from the local spawn and only suffer a minor morale penalty.


Since everyones sharing their builds I’ll share mine
• addictive personality
• If you have skill rust off this might be cheating: Forgetful
• Insomniac
• Heavy sleeper
• Poor Hearing
• Squeamish
• Thin Skinned
• Truth Teller
• Weak Stomach
• Trigger Happy(Unless you plan to use guns)
• If no trigger happy, go with animal discord

If you REALLY want to min-max, you gotta pick traits you cannot get via mutation that are very useful. The only truly neccessary one I can think of is Robust Genetics. Decently useful ones are tough, parkour expert, packmule, optimist, and stylish but all are unnecessary if you know what you’re doing. Well, even Robust Genetica is unnecessary if you’re patient/lucky/save scumming.

Then just put the rest into stats.
If you play multipool, might as well pick skills that will speed your way to mid game. Or pick dodge.


I consider robust genetics, packmule and strong back necessary QOL traits. I usually add stylish because it is fun for roleplay, otherwise there is all that nice bling and it does nothing.


Streaming a bit more of Str 18 Dex 4 Int 8 Per 4 start just to explore the gamepaly of heavy min/maxing some more.


Am I the only one that play as 5/5/14/12?


Seems like a weird array, what do you gain from that?


I usually pick these traits:

Fleet-footed - gotta go fast
Quick - gotta go faster
Packmule - carry more books
Fast reader - read books quickly
Light step - no noise while night raid
Less sleep - sleeping is annoying
Night vision - for night raids

And these:

Flimsy/Frail/Fragile - because the base HP is too much for me.
Imperceptive Healer - for Bionic Patient runs only.
And some random stuff if I need to balance thing out.

And I pick a character w Integrated Toolset CBM and start reading/crafting.

I usually end up with a overpowered Deathmobile by the end of the week, but get too bored and end up commiting suicide and restarting with more challenges. (Sometimes I do this before even looting a Lab, can’t help it).

Do anyone have some challenge suggestions for me?


For example, once I’ve played as a Lab Technician obssessed by bugs.

The objective is - Try to turn at least 3 friendly NPCs you find into post-treshold insect/spider mutants.


Hahaha :grin:

Have you tried a lab start lately? There’s a lot of new content in labs lately, which has made it more interesting.


Streaming some more of Str 18 Dex 4 Int 8 Per 4 start, now with extra “cars to wrecks” mod.

Streaming continuation of the previous start, making my first “proper” vehicle:


I got a challenge for you but it requires a bit of debug to do properly. If you teleport yourself in a electronic store try to break out using only the items in it and beat of the horde that WILL form outside also no lock picking too easy.
Attributes for this are Max crafting skills unlimited power but NO combat skills not even trapping. If you escape the horde and the store you win if you starve or die in any way shape or form before escaping the horde’s grasp you lose.

I’ll tell you this from personal experience you can most definitely build a car from a electronic store use this how you will.