Shock Absorber Requirements to Install?


I enabled the vehicle additions mod and made some shock absorbers but it seems I can only install them at certain places in the vehicle. I have one installed at the seat, and can install some at the back of the vehicle if I want, but most squares the option doesn’t show up. I’d like to put some at the front behind the ram to reduce damage to the interior frame from impacts. I haven’t been able to figure out the requirements to install them - I can install them on the square with the engine, for example, but not on the squares with the fuel tanks.

Anyone have any idea about how this works, or if there’s another way to see the requirements or correct area to install various vehicle parts? Thank you.

Shock absorbers are armor and take up the armor slot. You can’t install them in tiles that already have armor.

Ok, I understand now. Thanks a lot.

This took me a while to figure out.

I can probably make the description clearer at some point.

so kinda related shock absorbers are just a form of armor right?
how does it compare? one of the better ones when it comes to impacts but not for explosions and zombie punches?

Shock absorbers have durability 1500, better than steel plating but not as good as military composite armor. They don’t have any inherent damage resistance, which is probably a bug.

Ideally, they would provide minimal damage resistance against everything but crash shock damage, which is the damage that applies to all vehicle parts in a crash, and they’d be amazing at that. I think I can puzzle through the collision code just enough to make that happen, but it’s still going to be a while before I can implement it.