Share your builds!

Greetings survivors! I am a build junkie so I was curious to what builds you are running.

My main is a feline/capoeira build. Fangs are very effective early game and if you move and stick with capoeira, you hardly get hit!

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Does it feel nice biting tainted flesh?

Naa that’s yucky! She prefers smoked fish with soy sauce :yum:

I have of late been using a Handy Man (Female)

7 Strength
10 for each of the others

Increased Hunger/Thirst negative traits
Imperceptive Healing(for realism) negative trait

Parkour, Fleet Footed, Self Aware Positive Traits

+2(with added handy skill of +2) Fabrication = 4
+4 Mechanic
+4 Tailoring

Wield the Nail Gun to increase Hand Gun + Marksmanship

Multi-Tool is a great beginning item. Hammer on the belt kinda sucks. But this is only because the Tool Belt was gimped to suck nuts with an encumbrance of 10. I wear a fanny pack bigger than your basic tool belt. It doesn’t encumber me much unless I sit in a car with bucket seats. Tool Belt should be an encumbrance of 3-5 tops, with tools on it. 2-3 without tools.

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Ahh that’s pretty cool! Handyman
With a nail gun sounds fun!

Is this overkill/making it too easy for me? :smiley:

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Nice! I want to do a tech/hacker build eventually!

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