Segmentation Fault / Bad_alloc when travelling far from reality bubble

Started when i updated experimental to where jumper cables were fixed. When i went back into an already explored town a short drive from my base it would crash, everytime. Figured the save was just doomed so started over and now it’s happening again on #9620 pretty much can’t go much further than my base which is frustrating. Any help is appreciated

CRASH LOG FILE: config/crash.log
VERSION: 0.D-7560-g3fd9491
TYPE: Signal
MESSAGE: SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault

I rolled back the version to 9610 from 9620, checking every version in between, no more crash on 9610, but sadly also no more jumper cable functionality. The pop up crash throws a bad_alloc while the crash log shows above.

One thing i noticed between the versions is passed 9610 driving is something like 50% slower for me, harder to anticipate its movement. not sure if a performance issue or recent change to vehicles.

The crash always happens after driving what seems like a set distance of tiles. I have 12gb of memory and Cataclysm only uses up 1.5gb of it during play on 9620, while rolling back it runs at 3gb. That in itself is weird to me but i could be barking up the wrong tree.

Could you log an issue on the github with a save where it is reproducible please

I was using the 32 bit version. Apologies for the unnecessary thread!