[RESOLVED/NOT-A-BUG] Previous save doesn't load properly after 43804bf

TL;DR All is well, the save folder got messed up by the user and the game handled it the best it could.

Hi everyone, first timer here

The problem: Since the commit 43804bf When I load the world, my character and the world are reset. That means, same world, names and dispositions of stuff on overmap are the same. But my char is in a different location, has different stuff on him, overmap is undiscovered – so basically looks like something fails while loading and loads some starting scenario instead.

If I load the same file using any of the previous revisions - everything loads as it should.

I used git bisect to figure out the commit, and this merged PR seems to be it https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/23416 (43804bf)

Here are the screenshots:

I’ve read through the PR a bit but I’m not a C++ guy nor do I know enough about CDDA’s guts to figure what might be the cause. So, attempting to summon @Zhilkin or anyone else who can shed some light on this

Which OS are you on?

Also archive of save folder will be helpful.

Oh hey, Serg.

Yeah, duuh, I should’ve provided the save.
I’m on Arch Linux, here’s the zipped save folder https://expirebox.com/download/58b97de6f6a533ea396d7fbb724710f9.html
Also, for all it’s worth, I’m building with gcc [ clang's been failing with some virtual method complaints for a couple of months]

Now that I’m looking, I finally found where the log file is :slight_smile:
There are some weird warnings in the log:

17:35:18.909 WARNING : opendir [/home/ivan/.cataclysm-dda/mods/] failed with "No such file or directory".
17:35:18.941 SDL : src/sdltiles.cpp:1990: Failed to load audio file data/sound/Basic/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.wav: Couldn't open 'data/sound/Basic/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.wav'
17:35:22.27 : couldn't parse color: c_black_light_red
17:35:22.27 : couldn't parse color: c_magenta_light_cyan
17:35:22.115 : couldn't parse color: c_yellow   
17:35:22.289 WARNING : opendir [/home/ivan/.cataclysm-dda/save//save/save_bck/save/The Village of Indian Hill/mods] failed with "No such file or directory".

And yes, the save folder does contain the weird recursive-looking ./save/save_bck/save/... path in it. Is it supposed to or did I somehow get it recursed-up? (I may have issued a wrong cp command or something at some point. In case you’re wondering - none of the folders are symlinks)

Please try removing all but top The Village of Indian Hill folder from top save folder. I am not sure it is the cause of the issue, but save files are not supposed to be located like this.

Yeah that did it, thanks ) This is kind of embarassing, I probably just cp’ed a backup save with a slash at the end or something…

The “after” save that I deemed broken was the top-level one (folder structure-wise). The one inside it was the right one.

This must be what changed in that changeset with folder_path() consolidation. Before it would load the save from save/save/.. for whatever reason, which was my current save for all this time. After the commit it actually did the right thing and used the top-level save, which is way earlier.

So yeah, thanks for helping me, this was fun :+1:

Good to know the issue is resolved.