Randomised negative traits

When generating random characters they are only ever generated with positive traits (minus bad ones from professions), however what I want more is the bad traits rather than the good ones so that it provides more of a challenge and depth to the character generation. It can be hard to pick bad traits yourself so having random builds force a mix of both on you would be good to create more challenged and interesting characters and more reason to use the random character option.

how about splitting it into “simple random” which is what we have now and “full random” which is what you propose? that way there is no fight over if it’s a good idea.

Even a choice in the options would be good, although really it just seemed bizaare to me that its not how it worked by default. Random character gen options have never really been about hand holding, and it feels like the perfect system with all the traits that there are. I made a simple python script for now to generate a list of random negetive traits that I can apply manually.