PSA: Nested Containers is now live in experimental

Thank you KorGgenT for all your work on this and to all the people who have assisted as well. I’ve been anticipating this for literally years and I’m so happy to see it in the game. I can’t wait to try out new play styles and kill off a few survivors! Between the flight, the tow cables and now pockets…I’m just ecstatic. Thank you all, very much.

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Quick question before I update: What’s going to happen to clothing and armor from mods that don’t have pocket_data defined? Is it going to throw up errors that prevent loading?

Assuming I’m going to have to add the pocket_data manually to keep my non-packaged mods working, what are the guidelines for it? How do you know when to use multiple “pocket_types” and how many to use? And are there any other pocket_types than “container” I should be aware of?

Sorry if these seem like stupid questions; I just don’t want anything breaking.

*opens issues page on github*

Whew, good thing my last update was to 10614. Will probably stay at it for a week at least…


nope nope nope nope NOPE!

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I wonder if containers with liquids are intended to show their contents in separate line instead of former amount-in-brackets system, or it is just a glitch? I mean, you currently can’t put 2 different liquids in a container… right?

But wait, there is more

I picked up two jerrycans, one with 75 (…) gasoline in it

then i dropped both jerrycans on the floor but the gas was disappeared (i didn’t select the gasoline to drop on floor)

then i select it and…
it drops jerrycans on the floor AND the gasoline without keeping it inside!

That one is an obvious bug and is on github already. Or at least something like it.
I’m unsure about showing liquid container contents in separate line, though. What could be the purpose?

Oh, and about cash cards - I’m 200% sure former count/value collapsing was a hack, we’ll just have to wait for it to be reimplemented under the new system :slight_smile:

e: wait what? “weight capacity: 15kg”? why?? I’m fairly sure you could fill it with metal IRL, and it will not come apart at the seams.

seeing the screenshot i believe this will revolutionize inventory system and give me a new sense of inventory management.

but seeing that its also unstable… might as well try it my self.

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At this moment is aesthetically ugly and very impratical


Gotta agree. Right now you could use a SECOND inventory management system just to shift items around your worn containers. Also the items just being in a big list is - as everyone probably already knows - a step down.

But I’m sure that they’ll improve it so I’m not stressin.


just testing it on latest experimental with 40 minute session, and because this is new feature and experimental, i understand that this feature is still unstable and feel “barely cooked” with bugs and all.

but still, i love it. the way the nested container show items inside every individual container is absolute fresh and has great potential too.

this give me that sense of sorting, where i can choose which container will hold this newly picked up items, and sorting it like this bag only holds weapon and this bag only holds food.

all it needs right now is fixing, improving and perfecting. and overall best feature for the game.

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Yeah it’s a big step. I rememer back in 2013 on the old forums people suggesting it and I remember Kevin saying that this will take a long time if it happens at all and now it’s 2020 already and we got nested containers.

Totally agree with the general feeling. This feature is awesome, but it was probably not yet ready to be merged into master.

I made the mistake of git pull -> make and then loading / saving over my last save: Lost about an overmap of stuff in containers + all my inventory.

Anyway, if anyone is interested:
git checkout 70df07c251e90250d6334325566e9b00d11ddd1b -> make
will bring you right before this was merged.

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took 7 years to make it happen but worth the wait, i never know that but now i know, makes me impressed.

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i also happens to lost some items but thanks to debug feature, it is not a problem.

Yup, i agree. It is no biggie.
It is called “experimental” for a reason.

Also, probably best to merge and have the general population that likes to live dangerously bugtest, than not.

So far, i think the messy UI and crazy “autoput” (e.g. of a knife into a canteen) are the most important issues with this.

Both are nontrivial to sort out i think (though autoput should be fixable using blacklist/whitelist flags -eg. rigid/nonrigid/liquid- and priority lists). Priority lists should ideally be player tweakable (eg. always prefer backpack if possible, etc.)

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First magic, now nested containers, wonder which thing is next to revolutionize .


I suggest you take a look at Cataclysm-DDA/ at 7161a41f99588b5f2efc352435936110d7a8477b · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub and Cataclysm-DDA/containers.json at 7161a41f99588b5f2efc352435936110d7a8477b · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

Just to clarify something, Korg was spending a very significant amount of time just dealing with merge conflicts in the final week or so when he was wrapping this up. If the plan was to wait until merging the feature would cause zero regressions, it literally never would have happened. Yes we knew there were bugs and that the UI wasn’t where it needs to be, but there are just too many moving parts here to complete everything and merge it all at once. Korg is very dedicated to wrapping this all up as soon as possible.


Yes, i actually understand and agree with this (and that statement was only my first reaction):

I definitely appreciate this feature and the work put into it.
And the gameplay improvement implication is huge.

well at least they started the merging after the 0.E release

Keep up the good work, we will just report everything odd and buggy we find <3