Problem with Map rotation while modding

So , i’ve been modding cataclysm and i added a motorcycle club thing to the mapgen

The thing is that sometimes it spawns the way i want , and sometimes it doesn’t (it has to do with map rotation).

The way i want it to spawn is that both the club itself and the garage end up facing a road north , like this:


While in some parts of the overmap it spawns in the way i want to , sometimes it doesn’t and end up broken , like this:


What i actually want is both the club and the garage to either rotate while facing a road that isn’t on the north so it fits OR make it so that the map only spawns with a road facing up north. I’ve already tried removing the “NO_ROTATE” flag on the specials json , but when i do that the motorcycle club mapgen end up not getting recognized by the game , making it crash.

So , i would like to know if anyone with map modding experience could help me solve this ? I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Upload your mod or json files somewhere.

You probably forgot to add a “_south” or “_north” to the specials.json file. After that you should remove the NO_ROTATE flag.

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That was exactly what i was looking for , now it works perfectly. Thanks alot for the help , i appreciate it :grin: