Problem with comestibles.json(Don't know if this fits in this category)

So i wanted to see what’s inside the comestibles.json file.
After browsing it a bit, i got a prompt from notepad to save.
As an idiot, i clicked yes, and now i get this when loading my game(or starting any new game.)
Quote:"DEBUG: Error loading data from json: data/json/items/comestibles.json line 1:1: expected object or array, but found ’ '
Press spacebar…"
After that it starts to say that whiskey,gin and other beverages don’t belong in the group “alcohol”
(Actually it’s like this: "DEBUG:rum in group alcohol is not a valid item type
Press spacebar…"
What needs to be fixed/changed/rewritten?

I’d suggest re-downloading the game and replacing your comestibles.json

Naaaah! Dude, just leave the bone broth and close the .json. That’s both filling and refreshing - and you can pass out after too much of it.

Save your save folder and your config folder, and dl another Cata.