Presets, which is your favourite combination(s)?

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I wanted to know your personal presets when creating a new character and make comparisons in between each one. I thought this could be helpful for everybody when making new presets or challenges and to research new synergies.

Im posting this because i didn’t find a topic that covers this theme.

Traits that I use on basically all non-random characters.

Addictive Personality
Far-Sighted (Eliminated by CBM)
Near-Sighted (Eliminated by CBM)
Poor Hearing (Positive Trait In Disguise)
Heavy Sleeper (Ditto)
Lightweight (Personal Preference, I don’t use alcohol that much)
Truth Teller (Never comes up)
Ugly (Rarely causes problems, eliminated by Alpha\Elf serum later)

Gourmand (Can be used to completely bypass Early Game if you’re willing to hunt down a Fungal Bloom)
Indefatigable (Better than Fleet Footed)
Light Step (Needed for late game when I start raiding with an Optical Cloak\Cloaking system) ((I don’t usually mutate into Elf so I miss this))
Packmule (I play without survivor gear and this lets me ignore the protection\volume trade off)
Strong Back (I play mostly ranged characters and guns are heavy)
Robust Genetics (you NEED this if you don’t savescum)

My preferred Stat setups:

Macgyver (the setup that I use a majority of the time)

8 Str
8 Dex
14 Int
8 Per

I use this when I plan on improvising together a rock forge outside the city so I have a good weapon when I finally start to raid. The 14 int is essential for getting my fabrication up to 6 with limited resources and no books. It also comes in handy when I start installing CBMS. Alpha Serum deals with the low physical stats later on. Not having to deal with crafting failures is also great.

Professions and Skills

Kannushi 3 tailoring and 2 fab if I’m going to be running around in town on day 1. Lets me throw together good weapons and armor\ storage as needed.

Survivor with 2 cooking and 2 survival if I’m avoiding cities until later.

Really Bad Day

Shower victim

Shaolin Adept, whatever other traits you want

High strength

Put as many of your bonus skill points as possible into unarmed combat.

Choose Tiger Kung-Fu

Start in a military surplus shop for a chance to find a first-aid kit and cure your infected wound.

You can now easily destroy almost any enemy, even with all the RBD handicaps, as long as you’re not outnumbered and don’t run into a Shocker Brute or Hulk right at the start (you’ll probably be able to fight them once you fully recover).

I min/max the hell out of my characters, but it usually depends on my character what the stats/skills are.

Usually I go with quick, night vision, fleet footed, indefatigable, pack mule, tough and robust genetics.

Sometimes I add pain resistant, light step, masochist, gourmand, things like that.

Animal discord, lactose intolerant, sometimes both far/near sighted, heavy sleeper, sleepy and the traits that make you easily addicted to things. These are some of the traits I take that don’t bother me at all in any situation, really.

I normally stay at 8/8/8/8 but for some roleplay purposes I change it up. My bionic monster had 14/8/8/8 as the starting stats, but this is an underestimate since I don’t remember what int/dex/or per was.

Scenario: Infected

Profession: Bionic Assassin


-Light Step
-Skilled Liar
-Weak Scent

-Addictive Personality
-Animal Discord
-Heavy Sleeper

-Strength: 8
-Dexterity: 8
-Intelligence: 10
-Perception: 8

-Dodging: 5
-Speaking: 2

I really like tailor profession, starts with 4 in tailoring. So it saves me 2 points (I do single pool) because 4 tailoring normally costs 3, but tailor costs 1 and comes with 4 tailoring, so tailor is really worth -2 points if I would go for 4 tailoring otherwise. It saves a lot of time tearing socks and shirts apart as a newb tailor.

Come to think of it, now I just realized that at low levels, we basically tear clothes apart to learn tailoring…

Hello! I’m quite new to the game. I’ve briefly read over a few guides, and have gotten to the point of surviving half a year or so… Here is my current build. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing yet lol. It’s kind of fun this way though, learning from your mistakes. Anyhow, my complete current character build:

Multiple Pools
Burning Building Scenario
Punk Rock Dude (who fell asleep with a joint and burnt down his house hehe)

Positive Traits:
Pack Mule
Parkour Expert

Negative Traits:
Addictive Personality
Trigger Happy
Truth teller (random NPC’s are on)
Wool Allergy
(I’m totally nabbing your coloured traits idea, Noctifer lol. Props)

Str 11
Dex 10
Int 12
Per 10

1 point to Fabrication
1 point to First Aid

That’s Kendall Hamrick for ya! Again, any advice on my build would be good. Like, is there anything I’ve done that’s pointless? I didn’t put much into skills because those can always be improved. I like my traits. I’m not so sure what I’m doing when it comes to stats. I’ve only briefly read one guide about stats… Anyhow, that’s my guy! So far he’s kicking ass. After he escaped the burning house, he found tons of guns in both the neighbours next to him hehe. Gotta love a start with lots of guns.

This is my standard jack of all trades when starting a new game, also there are 2 presets that i will not post because they are for the lulz.

Scenario: Fled The Riots

Profession: Cyberjunkie



Light Eater (cuz hunger is an annoyance i cannot stand)
Less Sleep (Sleeping is a waste of time)
Light Step (im sneaky, duh)
Night Vision (mandatory)
Robust Genetics
Shaolin Adept (Dragon Style)


Animal Discord
Heavy Sleeper
Poor Hearing
Lactose Intolerance
Strong Scent
Truth Teller
Weak Stomach


Str: 8
Dex: 8
Int: 12
Per: 8


2 points in unarmed
1 point in dodge