Police bots, the smallest of things

Broken police bot.
1 volume, 0.7 lbs. Whaaaat?

Maybe they’re actually really small. shrug

Probably a copy-paste issue from the manhack. :-/ Will check after I finish this merge.

Great. Now I can’t help but think of copbots as being adorable. Waving their tiny little stun batons around, trying to be menacing.

Pic related:

That was quite fun.

I always just assumed the police bots were like manhacks with tazers on them, the description says something a long the lines of “not so threatening now they are on flat ground” so in my head I imagined them as flying police bots with tazers on them.

Volume 1 means it’s the size of a can. Those are some damn fierce cans.

If you dismantle one, its parts are MUCH larger than 1 volume.

This is a GREAT idea for an NPC. :slight_smile:

Latest experimental fixes it

Glad to be of service.

R.I.P tiny electric police cans, personally I shall never forget you and your assholish tazer ways.

I watched District_9 again last night, and I feel sorry for all those tiny police enforcers of another species out there.