Plants that reduce radiation (link)

It’s a page/website I follow on Facebook, and they kicked this out:

This may be useful for development. The page in general is good for that.

i’d hate to imagine the quantity to be ingested for effectively reducing a dangerous dose of radiation.
Ha, i can even picture my char walking from a nuked site, thinking about the trunks full of onions and rice and deploring the absence of iodine pills :slight_smile:

I can see it now. In an attempt to wash the radioactive mud off, you eat some natural remedies.

You’re full! force yourself to eat? Y/N

You eat your Onions.

Your stomach bursts!
You are in pain!

As a biologist, let me be clear. This is bullshit.

Interesting, thanks for correcting that! I… didn’t even think to investigate further, for some reason.