Pain IMMUNE trait

–This is something that actually happens in real life. It’s called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP). These people literally never (and have never) felt pain. Of course, this trait would be rather expensive, since you cannot feel pain, but I like the idea of it. It’s like a massively upgraded version of the pain resistant (I think that’s the name) trait. No longer will you have to worry about stacking up to 500+ pain in the middle of a fight, as it’ll always stay at 0!

If your talking about what I think your talking about, (quick check reveals you almost certainly are) then there are some SERRIOUS negatives to CIP. People with the condition have NO WAY to know if they have been injured except to physically examine themselves thouroughly. It’s not just pain, they have essentially no feeling essential to knowing whats going on with your own body.

So basically a game with CIP would be played without any visible health bars. Player would prbably have to (e)xamine self, for several turns, at least, to see the basic health bars |||/ that normal players can glance at at any time. My understanding is that those with CIP consider it a large hasssle, and that they frequently live shorter lives, due to an inability to know what their bodies are trying to tell them.

Yeah, feeling a stubbed toe, or a sharp papercut, hurts obnoxiously, but those with CIP, don’t even know when they have someting terribly wrong. Torn mussle? metal shavings in the eye? know way to know except a close, full body examination, regualarly to make sure they aren’t bleeding out, internally or externally.

It is not a net benifit to survival, frequently things like this are used in fiction for suicide/kamakazie troops, not elite units. Elite units only ever come with something to temperarilly numb, or limit the effects of pain. Shots of morphine and adrenaline and the like, not ‘never feel anything’

as a perk, I can only seeing it as a ‘pay for perk, with player hassle’ Or as almost its own style of play, where no status effects EVER show, unless you (e)xamine for them. It would be a very different kind of play to be sure, where part of the strategy is being able to get in-and-out of fights fast enough to (e)xamine self for damage.


–That’s a good point, I did know about the negatives with CIP (Or at least some of them), I just didn’t think about those when I was writing this. That’s a very good point though. Due to all that, I still feel like it should be considered a ‘good’ trait, but won’t actually be nearly as expensive as I first thought, due to those negatives you mentioned.
–The negatives of CIP can be seriously bad. I once heard a nasty story about it, I don’t remember all the details, but I can give you a good bit about it:
There was a couple who lived in a house that was a bit ruined after the previous renters were scallywags. The husband works as a handyman/carpenter as a job, and frequently worked on fixing up the house. One day he fell off a ladder while he was working on the roof, and as far as he knew it wasn’t a problem (He evidently had CIP). His wife heard the crash and came out to investigate. She totally freaked out when she saw how there was a chunk of concrete literally stabbed into his back. Luckily, he got to the hospital very quickly and where he got pierced wasn’t too serious of a location. It was a permanent injury, but he can still move around like normal for the most part. If it was a just a little further to the side, it would have gone straight into his spine, which obviously would have been much worse. So ya, CIP is really nasty at times.

what if there was like a BAD CIP Trait. sorta like it makes you fooled that all your hp stats are full and your pain levels are 0, but after the effect you will see the actual result like 30 head hp and etc. it would be a nice trait but then again after everyone knows what this is and why this is happening it would just have no effect anymore.

While it is not a starting trait this can be achieved with mutations, called Deadened.

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Even with the deadened trait, your character still feels (bites tickle and wounds itch) the injury, but it’s numbed to a degree that it’s minor in its intensity.

I’m am surprised that the deadened mutation also doesn’t give an ability that allows you to at least slightly over exert yourself (since you feel no pain) at the cost of damage to your body.

Believe it or not your can numb your body with intense peppers for up to a month at a time. Soaking whatever part in a ghost pepper paste for an hour will hurt like hell. But t actually numbs that part for a long time after it overloads the bodies sensors.

Would it be like that?

Oddly enough it is something like that. I was surprised but it made sense when I learned how it was done.

Like when you eat the pepper, your tongue goes ape$h!t. But after a while goes numb to a degree. Typically though most people throw a fit and spit or swallow the pepper. The numbing medical purpose takes about 15 or more minutes. Sooo…yeah, sucks like hell for that length of time. But goes numb for the better part of a month or around that.

Wonder if this effect could be added to the game. Drop some morphine and dip your legs lol
This would sorta suck though. You would have to inspect the parts in question and the health bar/number would be hidden.

sounds like it ‘burns’ the ends of the receptors off and they have to regrow. Or overloads them so bad its like a burnt wire incapable of being used untill it is replaced (regrown)

Chemical in peppers is Capsaicin.

Not 100% if the burning sensation is necessary at all. But I don’t wanna do the digging to find the answer. I just know it is a pharmacy topical cream these days and in a pinch could use real hot peppers to have the same effect but the pepper thing takes longer to work. Both can added to the game. Peppers I think we already happen to have. Could make a paste out of it like a “in a pinch” kinda thing. Killed all those enemies but one nailed ya! No way to dull the pain except finding a few hot peppers to mash up and dab on the wound. Hurts for 15 minutes but goes numb after that time and yer on your way!

Although it exists in real life. The main concern is balancing issues. This is a game after all, not a simulation.

balance = immediate pain for no pain for short duration. depending on how implemented it may not be feasible, but I can see it being potentially a riskyish/ useful option

I really wouldn’t see a problem if it were to be a 10-15 minute timed solution/chemical. But the balance is simple. It blots out you being able to see the health of that part you place it. Sure when that spot gets damaged you won’t know pain. But is it a boon or a curse?

Up to you in the end.

In game usage is pretty simple too. Craft Chilly Paste(under Food w/ huge morale debuff if ingested; edible but also for medical) -->Activate/Use and choose which part of the body–>Timer similar to morphine for full effect–>add "if enter body of water(swamp,river, etc) washes off and dulls pain; otherwise full effect takes place after alotted time and the body area feels no pain for a few days and cannot see health of that area for same period of time.