On rebalancing throwing

So, on throwing rebalancing.
Throwing should be the ranged skill most affected by wind and other weather conditions.
Make weather have potential to make throwing less accurate, deal less damage, how you’d make this work specifically is up to you, but there’s not nearly as much force in throwing to keep simple things like wind from diverting the accuracy and damage, especially with high volume items.

Making throwing a less reliable works-anywhere, anytime skill would make it’s use in combat more fair, but obviously this would not wholly solve the problem, as it would still exist indoors.

The issue is that this only works a certain portion of the time, and only while outside. A fair portion of combat happens inside and/or underground, so all a person has to do to counteract this penalty is to only fight indoors. Even then, barring REALLY strong wind, it’s not going to have that much effect unless you’re throwing something with a lot of surface area.

One thing I’ve noticed shooting my bow is that the wind doesn’t affect the arrow much, but it sure does make it difficult to keep it on target while aiming. Someone with high skill at throwing/archery/marksmanship should be able to account for wind while shooting, which doesn’t fix the problem that throwing is overpowered.