NX-17 Charge Rifle mods

I attached a m203 to the rifle and then attempted to load some frags into the rifle, I got the “charge rifle does not reload normally” message and then attempted to unload to remove the mod and was unable to due to charge rifle not being able to be unloaded.
I then tried to charge the rifle and was not able to fire it as it needed to be loaded to fire (but thinking back I think it was probably still on frag setting so this may be unimportant).

Charge rifle fires from a UPS in your inventory, with more charge=more damage. You’d know that if you read the description. I don’t know if it traditionally has a max-charge count (probably not), and it shouldn’t be able to have any mod (unless they have bayonets and capacitor mods for charge weapons).

Check your inventory page for it, I could’ve sworn removing mods was a separate button than unloading.

I know how to use ups items…
What I mean is that even with a fully loaded ups it still wouldn’t even fire due to the mod. The max charge is 8 I think and it fires off randomly after about 10-15 warnings in a random direction.
The charge rifle is classified as a rifle which is why I assumed that the rifle mods would be able to be attached on to it (and they did) except that they didn’t do what they were supposed to and “broke” the weapon.
And to remove mods you unload them after they have no ammo.