NPC acting weird after quest line

Version 0.D.

So I got this feline mutant npc that asked me to get them some patient records, what an ordeal that was, to find the only record in a what felt like a thousand map tile radius Then they asked me to bring them to a FEMA camp, so far so good, found plenty after their first quest. After that they asked me to bring them to a farm house because they’ve accepted that everyone they knew and loved is dead and now they want to rebuild on a farm somewhere. Closest farm was the one I made a base out of, so I took them there. Quest complete, best friends forever. But then they just up and started running into the wilderness. I followed them for several days but it didn’t seem like they were actually going anywhere. They were still interact-able as if they were a follower but they weren’t following me anymore and just kept on running to who-knows where.

I thought something wasn’t right so I alt+f4’d outta there and tried again with a different farm that I barely touched. Same story, different direction to run into the wilderness. Just kept running and running. If the quest is to complete as I think it should, judging by the wording, then they should stop being a follower and start doing stuff around the abandoned farm, and have the place change every so often as a player visits them, but no dice. Alt+f4’d outta there again, as this may be a bug or glitch.

Yeah, I’m not completing that quest until I know what’s going on here.

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Good question here, I’d like to know as well.

Wild NPCs currently go zooming off to loot stuff.

dpwb and I are working on a system that will make them behave a little more sensibly, like maintaining a base and dropping off loot at their base. We can probably add behavior for NPCs in this case where they just stay at the farm and farm.