Need some form of mutations cap or something

Between CBMs and as many mutations as you can get, late game you are basically the terminator. I think just capping mutations would be kind of boring. Maybe we could brainstorm for the next release and come up with a more interesting and complex system? Maybe also have mutations limit the effectiveness of some CBMs also, etc…

anyone have any cool ideas? we could do this with a mod in case people really like this. Most roguelikes you get super powered by late game. I was running with 30x zombies and still wasting stuff like crazy late game.

Making the surface more dangerous is hard going. I would rather see more dungeon-y type content with mobs that you HAVE to be a highly mutated/cybernetic terminator (or really skilled/clever) to kill.

There’s a discussion thread about mutations going on right now. Current ideas being kicked about include higher-level category mutations, mutation thresholds and a faction system for heavily mutated character.

And honestly your view seems kind of inconsistent. You titled the thread ‘Need some kind of mutation cap’, but your first post goes ‘but I guess that would be boring’.

As far as a “cap” is concerned there /sorta/ is one for mutations. Once you’ve filled out the tree, you have two choices: Sit comfortably -OR- Make some purifier and start again. Non-specific mutigen has a fairly high chance of sticking you in the slime tree, which isn’t very desirable. By itself, Mutigen and Purifier is fairly rare to come by, alternatively you can make it (or tree specific mutagen) both require a fairly high cooking skill as well as some difficult to acquire materials. (To my knowledge, the only way to acquire Ammonia and Bleach in large amounts is to clear a lab, or raid every single house in a medium to large sized town/city and hope for the best.) and then you need some form of tainted stuff. (Mutated Limbs, Mutated Fetus, Zed Meat, Plant “meat”)

As far as bionics are concerned, that’s another one that’s controlled by skill, but also power. Let’s assume you can successfully install (and use) every single bionic without fucking up any of the installations and ending up with malfunctioning bionics or power loss. The only way to use those bionics is with power. And even if you install every single bionic, not one of them comes with their own power storage. Your only hope of getting any power boosts is to dig through labs, or butcher shocker zeds in hopes of finding a storage battery, then if you’re lucky you can disassemble it and make more assuming you get it right on the first try.

Otherwise you’re left to trying to boost your power high enough to get more than a few seconds out of your cloaking CBM.

I have generally had little trouble finding mutagens. they are fairly common on science corpses and in science labs. purifier is less common. I generally take the robust genetics which seems to make a big differnece. I usually take all mutagens i find and just play roulette. seems to work out most of the time. if it doesn’t that is interesting too. i never really had trouble getting purifier… or making it after a week or so.

how do the trees work? if you end up in a tree, cant you switch trees or did something change? In the past I have gotten mutations from many trees. I noticed that there is a ‘tendency’ for certain trees, but it was that big of a deal. I generally go with robust genetics and just swallomid w all the mutagens i can find. i generally do pretty well.

As it stands right now, the more mutations from one category you have, the more likely you are to gain more mutations from that tree, but doesn’t entirely rule out mutations from another tree. Targeted mutagen gives you mutations from one tree only.

There’s a better explanation of this, along with some other proposed changes, in this thread over here.

Mutations are limited by their own conflicts. I’m not really in favor of changing them, not dramatically, but would like to see an overhaul of the CBM system. Limited amount of space, modular body parts to increase that space, alternative health system, interplay between CBMs and also between CBMs and mutations, etc.

Kinda went off on a tangent in the bionics thread from a week or two ago, as I’m doing here.

This is a very good idea.