My gripe with the leveling system and crafting system and my own suggestion to it

Man this game is amazing. I dont like the xp system tho. Why does it take so long to be able to read a book and figure stuff out? Why cant each recipe have a fail chance like magic and the more you do it the better the craft.

Examples, board window, at fab 0 you have a 5% chance for 150% dur, 15% chance 100% dur, 30% chance to get 50% dur, 50% chance to get 25% dur. 0 fab also doubles noise made.

Let’s say you want to craft some fab 8 stuff but you have fab 3, use same format above but to read books to learn recipes it takes skill needed times skill have plus half of time needed times half or 8 x 3 + ( t x (t x .5))?

I dont see why it would be so bad to work crafting like magic as a mod because the original system is what people are used too.

I mean I have worked on my car irl using YouTube videos and car manuals even tho my irl mechanics skill is like 0. It took 8 hours to figure it out but I did and it should have taken a hour.

I’m just saying in the apocalypse I would figure out what wire to tie onto what wire and how to dig a hole or how to remove or install cameras and put up walls but it would take me forever of looking at a manual or video and going step by step and I would figure it out eventually.

It just doesnt seem realistic is all.

Would it work if skills were split in theorethical and practical knowledge?

You might know everything about sandwiches and how to make them, for example, but lack of practical skills means you will do it slowly and might mess up. Or vice versa, you can make the best sandwich, but only a cheese and ham sandwich because that’s all you know.

Of course, if one is more trained over the other, say theorethical cooking skill is at 8 while practical is 2, reaching 9 will take forever to reach without a high practical skill, while the practical skill will have a boost to leveling to make both skills reach the same level.


Kind of like how dodge works with clothing? But yeah. That’s a good idea.

I think I actually suggested this same idea in an older thread. At least I’m not the only one thinking this would be good to have in place of the current system.

I’m all for it because it could really extend early game, and make it so books were no longer the ULTIMATE POWER they are in game.

Maybe DEX could alleviate the practical knowledge need? At least for fab and tech skills, where hand movement is incredibly important but theoretical knowldge actually matters a lot more. And INT would work for cooking and computers? At that point it’s mainly common sense once you reach a certain point.

“Ah, that food smells like it is burning/looks like it is ready.”
“This code can be written like this, but maybe it can be thiiiiis?”

Maybe every 5 points (DEX/INT) can count as a level in practical/physical application?

I see dexterity something like having in general nimbleness, but not for specific skills.

You might be quite nimble when writing by hand or with a keyboard, but maybe not when preparing food.

Stats should affect how fast you learn and how fast you can do the action (like cooking), but not affect the practical skill level.

Would also stand to reason by adding more books that cover each level that X amount of recipes could be aquired.

Every level of theoretical and practical could have links made between certain items/recipes,; back end= tags that chain items into groups. Correlating a variety of items and each level gives a percentage to discover X amount of new, but similar, recipes on ones own.

I thought of a sliding scale idea a long time similar. But I don’t think it was as well put as you have described. Nice.

I, for one, think the leveling system is fine and doesn’t really need tweaking from the base principles it already has.