Moving flaming weapons to a mod

mugling, When I first read Adventurer’s post, I did a quick skim of the PR comments and couldn’t find my posts, and I thought the accusation was correct. After looking through the thread I have discovered that I was in error. I apologize.

[quote=“Adventurer, post:7, topic:12545”]Seriously, what is with that mugling guy? Why can’t he just be nice to people

I’ve been paying attention to that PR and I notice that after he locked the discussion (again), he removed comments and edited his posts to make his argument stronger and said it was ‘moderation’.[/quote]

[quote=“Izicata, post:8, topic:12545”]I’m voting yes on keeping them in mainline just because mugling locked the PR and started deleting/editing comments. Seriously not cool.

Also, why are flaming weapons being moved to a mod and not crap like the 7-10 Split and the fursuits?[/quote]

Adventurer and Izicata: do you have any evidence of post deletion? Why did you claim this?