Mobile turrets...?

I found a nice little base, one of those public works spots. I dropped a bunch of stuff off there and noticed there was a Military Baes north of it, just at the edge of vision range, so I could see a Zombie Soldier and a turret. But not near enough for them to aggro me.

So then I ran south and cleared a few houses. But when I came back to the public works, a bunch of turrets had “traveled” south and were right on the public works. What’s up with that/

They move when you aren’t looking.

I like to imagine them as the turrets from Portal.

“Could you come over… here?”

Its not that they had moved, it is just that the Army has set so many up.
There were the last line of defense that you saw before, but ahead of that was the first line of defense that was camoflaged/hidden/underground or somehow inconspicuous to the average onlooker. Then once you returned the first line of defense had come out and were on standby mode in case any intruders (you) were going to attack.

Maybe, but the turrets were within the map squares of the the public works. Several map squares away. Seems pretty unlikely.

A zombie soldier or two also teleported forward into the public works.

They do move, that wasn’t a joke. I won’t pretend I’m familiar enough with the code to know precisely how it works, but I believe there’s a system for enemy movement that enables turrets to ‘migrate’ even though they can’t physically walk. For another good example of this, muck around in a science lab for a while - the turrets all spawn in computer rooms, but as you make noise and goof off, they’ll begin to move around and you’ll end up finding them all over the place.

They do move, but it’s a bug, really.

I always assumed they were like those sailing stones in Death Valley.


Okay honestly… I’m just strolling along, oh look, a military Bunker!!!
Yay, hey look bunch of dead scientists right in front of it, must be my day…
Suddenly, a turret appears out of nowwhere, right in front of the bunker and starts shooting at me… HOW THE F—!!!
A turret just appears right in front of me… How?