Miscellaneous Minor Ideas

A “Bloodthirsty” advantage that grants morale for kills.
A character creation method that removes advantage and disadvantage limits as a midpoint between single-pool and freeform, allowing players to try out some more insane builds while still operating under a point limit.
Using a cash card on an arcade machine to play the sokoban/snake/robotfindskitten minigames.

What minor ideas do you guys have? By “minor” I mean features that you do not think would significantly effect the game balance of most games, or else is optional, and which you think would be relatively simple to implement.

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Bloodthirsty could be a thing, how many points do you think it should cost cause this could really effect balance.

Not really sure what you mean by remove the limits while maintaining the limits. Do you mean maintaining the single pool limits of stat points? You can already increase the number of points you can put into traits beyond 12, as well as increase the number as starting trait and skill points.

Not sure arcade machines would be that popular if they only had those basic games on them, pre-cataclysm whose going to pay to play those games? Also the lack of power to the machines would make it hard to play on.
Does raise a question, how do vending machines/ATM machines work with no power, do they have their own internal battery backup?

What? How? This was what I was looking for, haha.

Hey, maybe there was a weird retro fad. Hipsters going into arcades to make fun of the games before chucking an ungodly number of quarters into them, “ironically.”

Under setting,options, go to the debug tab.

Funny thing is that today. Anyone can have literally every Arcade game on their computer. Kids have it easy >_>

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It used to be that arcade machines had bleeding-edge technology. That bleeding edge is primitive compared to what we can do now, so our personal computers are capable of doing everything that the old arcade cabinets could do. What our personal computers can’t imitate is today’s bleeding-edge technology—unless you get a monster-huge Gaming PC For Gamers™, which is far more expensive than all but the most spoiled of today’s kids can afford!

The niche that video arcades once filled (big huge shiny game machines that can give you an experience you can’t get at home) is still there; it’s just that arcades are out of style. So in a weird way, today’s kids are actually missing out on what the generations before them had!

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Serial Killer trait: Morale boost for murdering innocent NPC’s, but a morale penalty if you go more than a few days without murdering which then increases every day after that until you kill again.

For balance, make it so that the penalty is greater than the bonus, for example +25 max slowly dropping day by day down to -50 if you go an entire month without killing.

When you’re picking up an item from an adjacent tile, the wield/wear prompt for items too big for your inventory should have an option to drop the item at your feet (or possibly also in another tile!) This would be tremendously useful for hauling large corpses around.

Certain actions that prompt a direction (like deploying a brazier) should accept ‘.’ to perform that action on the tile on which you’re standing.

Being either a psychopath or a sociopath doesn’t get your rocks off killing people. Assuming either are considered a mental disorder in the first place. Drug companies and psychologists make a name for their selves and a lot of money taking advantage of people under the premise that they are “helping” people.

We can look back 80-100 years and see a long list of shenanigans in the medical field. Much of which we now consider immoral. This hasn’t changed.

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Edited the previous comment

Okie dokie. Fair nuff. =D

I’ve hoped to see a trait like this in the game for years now, just never bothered to post it as a suggestion.

I figured we needed a general discussion thread for posting little ideas like this.

I originally had the idea of morale for kills when looking at the “Masochist” trait and wondering why there wasn’t a “Sadist” trait. I figured it shouldn’t be called “Sadist”, though, because an actual sadism trait would be morale for damage inflicted, not for kills, and that would probably be both unbalanced and too complicated.

who say arcade is out of style? i still have DOS here boy XD

i still love arcade game due to their simplicity and yet really fun. oh yeah and no pay 2 win.

  • A whole-roast chicken recipe made from seasonings and a field-dressed chicken carcass. Cut it up for roast chicken wings (2), roast chicken breast (2), and roast chicken thighs, roast chicken drumsticks (2), and bones.
  • Similar recipes for other poultry, like turkey and duck.
  • Turducken.
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We do not have this when we butcher a bird?

If no. Should have =)

Oh man, I’m getting all sorts of ideas for an extended cooking mod now. I think the basic rules of the crafting system in cataclysm are really expressive in ways we haven’t fully explored.


Spew forth those ideas onto the forum. SSSPPPPpppppeeeewwww! lol
(turned even that into a dirty joke xD)