May we raise animals in CDDA?

Can we raise animals?
We can get meat and leather,and the world will be more living.

P.S. Is there a formal instrction for making mods?

you kind of can do it already, i have read threads of how to even have a rattlesnake farm for its leather. Although i dont know how much time takes to animals to procreate

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sarcastic comment incoming

No, because it has been determined that raising animals post apocalypse is unrealistic unless your character was a Animal Husbandry profession at character creation (representing obtaining a highly technical skill that will not, yet, be trainable after the apocalypse until our skill system is revised) . To reflect this, 90% of all animal spawns will be infertile and unable to reproduce. Further to this, 90% of all animals will produce only tainted products (milk, eggs, etc). This will establish realism to the standards of the game.
end sarcasm

As referenced above, it’s sort of possible to do this now. Animals can reproduce, though most are tied to the decay system (still) as far as I know - eggs decay into baby chickens or snakes, , for instance. Other animal types are supposed to occasionally spawn as “female”, and occasionally will spawn another animal of their type. So you can raise chickens by catching chickens and enclosing them in a pen to let them spawn eggs, which eventually hatch and so on. I’ve never managed it with anything else, though.

I hope you go through with the mod idea, though. I’d like to see what you’ve got in mind.

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It’s something we haven’t gotten around to yet.
Is the rant really necessary?

Necessary? No. But it made me laugh. Comedic exaggeration is therapeutic.
Animal breeding isn’t that hard to handle in comparison to some of the other things you’re trying to simulate, and actually makes for decent gameplay too, so when it is finally gotten around to, it will probably be interesting. But that’s something which makes sense to back burner for a good long while.