Mall security scenario improvement

It ocurred to me that a mall security guard should be able to locl and unlock doors in the mall at will. It would make sense and improve the starting gameplay as one. Agrees, disagrees?

You mean a keychain that unlocks all doors in that single mall?

Yes, I guess so.

Might be nice for pretty much all workplaces.

You could perhaps find a “boss” zombie (as in an actual boss), or a “boss” corpse. Basically a body or zombie with a keychain and some corporate cards that show you the company of that boss/manager.

Kinda agree, then again the same could be said for janitors…

Since we’re on the topic, is there some way to lock a door to help prevent NPC’s from raiding your gear? or maybe to help slow a pursuing NPC?

Not really besides dragging furniture in front of a door, NPC’s right now are basically loot seeking hoovers