Making certain cooking recipes repeatedly give the "messed up and lost materials" message and don't consume ingredients

It’s mostly things involving liquids like soda and wine. Spezi and fruit wine must are the biggest offenders I can think of off the top of my head.

It repeatedly gives the message popup that details replacing lost ingredients from a fuckup, immediately upon starting the craft. I have to go through the popup 100 times to make the end result, and no ingredients are consumed at the end. Anyone know a possible fix?

I also hate this. It happens to me anytime I cook with oil. I don’t know how to get rid of it/make it more manageable. The only solution I’ve found is to only craft foods that I can guarantee I will successfully craft – which is no solution at all, really.

You could hunt for books and increase your skill to/past the requirement for the recipe. I know that’s still not much of a solution, and essentially the only alternative to limiting your cooking choices to recipes you are guaranteed to succeed at…

You could always mash your face against the keyboard until the trauma causes you to forget that you still have to confirm a few bajillion more times in order to boil water at level 0.

Regardless, I’m glad that I’m not the only one experiencing this. Though, I think the problem is not the persistence of the messages, but the fact that none of the materials actually get wasted. My guess is that the implementation is incomplete for wasted liquids in crafting, ever since crafting got a bit of an overhaul. I don’t really know though.

It has nothing to do with skill level, or actually messing up. The problem is that it always happens, even if it’s a level 2 recipe and I have 7 cooking.

If I’m remembering the message right, it’s caused by the ingredients somehow not being in your crafting area/line of sight. Happened to me multiple times. Try placing all the stuff you need right next to you and make sure any duplicate materials are not around and see if you still get it.

Also the whole table crafting system in newest experimentals made it so your character is unable to use items in his own square unless you have a table next to you (or if you mark it as a crafting area from contruction menu iirc).

Really? I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. Rather, it doesn’t happen to me once I get past the skill requirement. Does it happen when you’re batch crafting, or singles, or both?

Edit: Nvm me, technical seems to be making more sense/dispensing more knowledge

I’ll be sure to try that. I can’t remember if the specific ingredients were in sight or not so I’ll test the recipes when I get a chance on a character.