Making Apple Juice

I made some apple juice and it crashed my game and corrupted my save. No problems other than this. Will try to recreate.

Perhaps the game is telling you that after the end, you don’t waste apples on soft drinks. Make Cider or Applejack!

One more reason to backup often. Really. Script it, too.

Just had one, too. Apples, rock, holder, craft - crash
…used to have weird messages in the .log file, now there is none. And I can’t throw a none. :slight_smile:

I get lockups with no screen redraw when there are a lot of monsters dying of injury while I am crafting; sometimes pressing escape gets things moving again, but not often.

I wonder if these are related.

About to be a bore - fixed. It popped like bubblegum, and they were all outta gum.