Mac Display Issue

I am using a laptop running OS X 10.6.8

This problem has persisted across each version of Cataclysm I’ve played up to the current (6.0)

I keep having trouble with certain ‘invisible monsters’ (bears, various spiders, ect) which Terminal (v2.1.2) occasionally wants to display as blank spots for some reason. It never seems to happen to zombies or any of their variants but it occasionally will happen to certain items/piles of items as well.

I can see the blank spaces where the object would be displayed against a back ground of grass, however it can be most discouraging when walking down a blacktop highway my character clearly notices a bear is within view somewhere nearby, but I’m not sure precisely ‘where’ until it rips me in two or I spam the examine command.

It sounds like you are not using bright colors for bold text.
If that is the case give this a try:

Open up terminal
Go to Terminal > Preferences
In the preferences window go to the Settings page
Select the profile you are currently using
Make sure the “Use bright colors for bold text” item is checked.

This will change the look and feel of things quite a bit.

Thanks so much, that fixed it, made poorly lit rooms so much more navigable too!