Loot Options

is it possible to add more options to influence item generation in the game? sliders for different types of item categories (food, drugs, clothes etc.) would be nice.
right now im playing with an item spawn scaling factor of 0.05 and there are still to many items. but thats because Z´s and NPC´s drop everything u need. so another slider for them would be pretty nice.

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It would also be nice to know how many “loot tables” there are, from which the game rolls what you get in a location/from a dead zed/vehicle.

You technically could count the with the debug menu, but I dont think you’ll get anything really useful from that.

This… would be great. I would love to be able to tweak individual values of items in the world, like food or weapons.

While you can’t do it in-game, almost everything involving loot is avaliable for access in the json files and as such is editable with a simple text editor. Depending what you want to change you should open up either item_groups.json, monster_drops.json, or possibly monsters.json.

How difficult would it be to implement a system for editing this in game? A lot of the options already in the game involve JSON’s don’t they? If you set this up before creating a world then it should work pretty well.

If this isn’t too difficult and nobody else is going to implement it then I may look into it, possibly, no promises.

Honestly it sounds more like a job for an external mod tool than something in the game proper (who knows, there might already be something that can do it over in the lab forum). I mean all you are basically doing is coding a graphical user interface over a text editor at that point, which isn’t that difficult (doubly so if you are one of the very rare people who actually like working with UI’s).

[Sarcasm]People don’t enjoy working with UI’s?[/sarcasm]