Leveling melee/ranged skills

Right now, I’m grinding my melee and unarmed skills against an armored zombie, which currently takes the top spot as my practice dummy of the year. With insanely high armour and average DPT, you can beat up the zed all day long and takes almost no damage as long as you’re wearing sufficient armour.

I mean seriously, it took point blank barrage of my A7 laser rifle to the face without taking a scratch. Though you can actually damage it with electric attacks. I killed the previous three armored zed with the electroshock unit CBM.

I don’t bother training my melee. It comes naturally on its own over time and I just avoid the tougher enemies until I get some decent combat skills. I play on five times spawn and I normally always take frail and slow healing so fighting spell suicide in raids. I do a lot of running away and misdirection. I actually gotten pretty good at slipping through hordes and juking spitters to the point that I feel like Eyeshield 21 or something. For some reason being a weakling feels much more satisfying to play then a badass.

For ranged I train with my slingshot for two hours every morning. Though I normally don’t get guns until I am so badass in melee that I don’t need them anymore.