Joining the Hell's Raiders (and Other Bandit Clans)

Essentially what the thread titles. Currently, the Hell’s Raiders are the only faction you can’t interact with except in a totally hostile manner. The idea is, that like with any other faction, you could join them and potentially make a difference in the world.

Personally, I’d like to see the player be able to get in charge of large amounts of resources. Say you challenge the former leader of the Hell’s Raiders to combat and best him (spare his life or kill him, your choice. Or perhaps you ask the drunk psychopaths watching the battle what they think). Now suddenly, you’re the leader of the largest and most dangerous faction in the ruins of New England, and everyone civilized wants you dead.

Makes me wish I had added the static NPCs to the world…

Pretty cool, and I can think of a way to implement with (relative ease). Reskin a refugee center to have hooks, barbed wire, and blood everywhere, and put the boss where the quartermaster is. You could go ask him for quests and he would generate random quests/ people to raid. The third or so refugee quest is to kill some bandits, you could reskin that and raid some survivors with pipe shotguns and swords. The boss would autogenerate those quests, so you don’t run out of things to raid.

Maybe put it so if an NPC has pain over 100, their fatigue is raised to 150 and they initiate sleep. Then you could instruct a companion to capture them, and as soon as they leave the bubble, they warp back to the structure, with a new static NPC loyal to you, but also part of the group.

Once you get a certain level of respect(kidnapped NPC’s/stuff given to the group/quests done) you could challenge the head to a brawl for supremacy. Then you and the head are stripped of clothing and items, and forced to brawl to death for the leadership role. Once you win, you can send others on raids for you, with some chance of failure(death) or super success(new recruit/awesome weapon or gear).